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Post  Trookine on Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:57 pm

For those who think of Merchanting Clans or GP Paradise as a scamming franchise (or whatever you may call it), you have a misunderstanding for us, and when I say us I'm mainly speaking for GP Paradise (there are clans out there that are deceptive so I cant really speak for others).

Merchanting clans have always seemed to be Scammers since their first irresponsible member, but what makes it so deceptive for those types of members is they tend to not LISTEN to what the clan does rather than just doing the usual. To give you an example, that could conclude you, is:

  • Asking or searching for the current item and investing, and leaving the clan chat without reading what is CURRENTLY going on--No questions asked No.

  • Lack of using Member Support service, did not ask any questions about when the clan is going to dump the item.

  • Insufficient Money, not enough money to actually make profit, most likely did not ask any ranked member(s) what was a good way to earn cash, in order to get started, before using our service.

I don't know of any clans that have its own Member Support group, but GP Paradise sure does. Even members with not-enough money are helped out to earn money, and all we can do with helping out is giving them the advice they need. If they don't take responsibility for what we advice them on, then we can do nothing more except answer questions the best way possible. When I'm helping a new or current members out I usually get asked that common question, which is "How do I make money". We do NOT tell members ways of how to make money if we are not precise on the profit and elapsed time. Our objective is to help our members consume the best profit they can get, so you may be asking a question and the answer would most likely involve your skills. We take a look at your skills and recommend you using them, but if you wish to not follow along with those then we will take the other path which would not involve skill (ex: Picking swamp toads).

To the actual point of all this though, we have our reasons to be giving ranked members the calls first, it's possible they may miss out on it too (if they lacked participation--as in contribution for us--), but that would be because of them not deserving it. It's just like if you want to survive in life you have to WORK for it, your parents were able to feed you because they had a job, where they WORKED for days just so you could enjoy this game. Now if they didn't work they wouldn't deserve anything from the person supporting them (including you as one too), and you wouldn't have anything to eat OR be able to play this game (by the way this is called "life" because that's just the way life works). Another way of me saying this is if the water or ground don't evaporate then the sky wont pay it back with precipitation (where the water comes from the sky and into the ground/water in order for it to refresh itself), makes since right? I don't know of any other way to explain that then, but the point of all this is:

  • GP Paradise promises to help its members the best way as possible, this does not mean we would come up and person but to "speak" personally we would (in clan chat or private chat of course). You WILL get ranked and get the calls earlier than the ones who aren't ranked as long as you show your determination toward contributing. You'd deserve something after all...

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Post  Gp paradise on Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:35 am

Perfect, Everthing is perfecly detailed. For the new members reading this, you now know exacly how you must act towards the clan to get rewarded and to get what you deserve, thank you Trookine.

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